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  1. Book cover for Song of the Huntress

    Song of the Huntress

    Lucy Holland

  2. Book cover for The Underground Library

    The Underground Library

    Jennifer Ryan

  3. Book cover for The Women

    The Women

    Kristin Hannah

  4. Book cover for The Teashop Girls at War

    The Teashop Girls at War

    Elaine Everest

  5. Book cover for Maude Horton's Glorious Revenge

    Maude Horton's Glorious Revenge

    Lizzie Pook

  6. Book cover for Death on the Lusitania

    Death on the Lusitania

    R. L. Graham

  7. Book cover for Cometh the Hour

    Cometh the Hour

    Jeffrey Archer

  8. Book cover for This Was a Man

    This Was a Man

    Jeffrey Archer

  9. Book cover for The Midnight Rose

    The Midnight Rose

    Lucinda Riley

  10. Book cover for Be Careful What You Wish For

    Be Careful What You Wish For

    Jeffrey Archer

  11. Book cover for Mightier than the Sword

    Mightier than the Sword

    Jeffrey Archer

  12. Book cover for The Guernsey Girls

    The Guernsey Girls

    Mary Wood

  13. Book cover for Scarlet


    Genevieve Cogman

  14. Book cover for A Woman of Courage

    A Woman of Courage

    Rita Bradshaw

  15. Book cover for The Stranger's Child

    The Stranger's Child

    Alan Hollinghurst

  16. Book cover for Celebrations for the Woolworths Girls

    Celebrations for the Woolworths Girls

    Elaine Everest

  17. Book cover for Palace of Shadows

    Palace of Shadows

    Ray Celestin

  18. Book cover for Bright Young Women

    Bright Young Women

    Jessica Knoll

  19. Book cover for A Restless Truth

    A Restless Truth

    Freya Marske

  20. Book cover for The Armour of Light

    The Armour of Light

    Ken Follett

  21. Book cover for Once a Monster

    Once a Monster

    Robert Dinsdale

  22. Book cover for Meet Me Under the Clock

    Meet Me Under the Clock

    Annie Murray

  23. Book cover for The Sins of the Father

    The Sins of the Father

    Jeffrey Archer

  24. Book cover for Best Kept Secret

    Best Kept Secret

    Jeffrey Archer

  25. Book cover for Hinterland


    Arno Geiger

  26. Book cover for He Who Drowned the World

    He Who Drowned the World

    Shelley Parker-Chan

  27. Book cover for Learned By Heart

    Learned By Heart

    Emma Donoghue

  28. Book cover for The Yorkshire Farm Girl

    The Yorkshire Farm Girl

    Diane Allen

  29. Book cover for Anam


    André Dao

  30. Book cover for Only Time Will Tell

    Only Time Will Tell

    Jeffrey Archer

  31. Book cover for The Stolen Hours

    The Stolen Hours

    Karen Swan

  32. Book cover for The Bastard Factory

    The Bastard Factory

    Chris Kraus

  33. Book cover for The Ghost Ship

    The Ghost Ship

    Kate Mosse

  34. Book cover for The House of Fortune

    The House of Fortune

    Jessie Burton

  35. Book cover for The Orphans from  Liverpool Lane

    The Orphans from Liverpool Lane

    Eliza Morton

  36. Book cover for A Column of Fire

    A Column of Fire

    Ken Follett

  37. Book cover for The Evening and the Morning

    The Evening and the Morning

    Ken Follett

  38. Book cover for The Square of Sevens

    The Square of Sevens

    Laura Shepherd-Robinson

  39. Book cover for Briefly, A Delicious Life

    Briefly, A Delicious Life

    Nell Stevens

  40. Book cover for The First Bright Thing

    The First Bright Thing

    J. R. Dawson

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