Best Kept Secret

Jeffrey Archer

31 August 2023
496 pages


Captivating and suspenseful, Best Kept Secret is the third novel in international bestseller Jeffrey Archer’s outstanding Clifton Chronicles. It sees our hero Harry Clifton and Giles Barrington, brother of Harry’s beloved wife Emma, become entwined in the fate of the Barrington family fortune.

It is 1945 and the House of Lords vote on who should inherit the Barrington estate ends in a tie, casting a long shadow over the lives of those involved.

Author Harry begins to promote his novel, whilst Emma, after her father’s mysterious death, searches for the girl found abandoned in his office on the night he died.

Politician Giles defends his seat in the House of Commons and finds not only his future but his family’s fortune at stake. Ultimately his fate is dictated by Harry’s son Sebastian, even as Sebastian himself becomes embroiled in an international art fraud.

As they move out of the shadows of war, a new generation of Cliftons and Barringtons comes to the fore, and a thrilling new episode in Jeffrey Archer’s captivating family saga begins.

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Probably the greatest storyteller of our age
If there was a Nobel Prize for storytelling, Archer would win