The Adventures on Trains book series in order

Discover M. G. Leonard and Sam Sedgman's heartpounding, globetrotting Adventures on Trains books in order. Young readers can help solve train-bound mysteries alongside protagonist Harrison Beck and his Uncle Nat.

Adventure-loving 9–12 year olds will love hopping on board the mystery train with Harrison Beck and his Uncle Nat. From a Scottish Highland steam train to an African safari locomotive, these lively books take readers on thrilling world travels, with plenty of intriguing secrets to be uncovered. 

This bestselling, prize-winning series is created by beetle expert and star writer M. G. Leonard, together with novelist, playwright and digital producer Sam Sedgman. The books are beautifully Illustrated in black-and-white throughout by Elisa Paganelli.

For those looking to start the series, or looking for the next Adventures on Trains book, we've listed our guide to the series in order.

The Adventures on Trains books in order

The Highland Falcon Thief

by M. G. Leonard

Book cover for The Highland Falcon Thief

Book one in the Adventures on Trains series

Harrison and Uncle Nat are on the last trip of the renowned Highland Falcon steam train. A precious jewel goes missing, and Harrison and new pal Lenny are at the heart of the investigation. The pressure is on: can they solve the riddle and catch the thief before the train hits the buffers?

Kidnap on the California Comet

by M. G. Leonard

Book cover for Kidnap on the California Comet

Book two in the Adventures on Trains series

Harrison can't resist Uncle Nat's invitation to cross the USA, from Chicago to San Francisco, aboard the iconic California Comet. During the three-day journey, the daughter of a billionaire businessman disappears. Harrison begins an urgent hunt for the kidnapper as the train draws ever closer to its destination.

Murder on the Safari Star

by M. G. Leonard

Book cover for Murder on the Safari Star

Book three in the Adventures on Trains series

Harrison Beck and Uncle Nat are enjoying a luxury steam train journey, from Pretoria to the crashing Victoria Falls. They are revelling in the drama of seeing the wild animals en route when a human drama occurs: a body is found in a locked compartment. Harrison and his new train buddy Winston set out to discover if an accident or a murder is the cause.

Danger at Dead Man's Pass

by M. G. Leonard

Book cover for Danger at Dead Man's Pass

Book four in the Adventures on Trains series

Harrison and Uncle Nat receive a mysterious letter, asking them to look in to the curse of the Kratzensteins, super-rich and powerful railway tycoons. Travelling undercover, their journey takes them from the night express to Berlin to the family's funeral train high up the Brocken Mountain. Disaster threatens once more, as Harrison attempts to discover if the curse is real or imaginary.

Sabotage on the Solar Express

by M. G. Leonard

Book cover for Sabotage on the Solar Express

Book five in the Adventures on Trains series

The Solar Express is setting off on its maiden voyage, with Hal and Uncle Nat on board after an invite from billionaire train enthusiast August Reza. But things quickly start to go wrong, and as they speed across the Australian Outback they discover the train has been dangerously sabotaged. Can Hal find the saboteur and stop the runaway train before disaster strikes?

The Arctic Railway Assassin

by M. G. Leonard

Book cover for The Arctic Railway Assassin

Book six in the Adventures on Trains series

In their sixth thrilling adventure, Hal and Uncle Nat climb aboard the night train to Narvik, travelling to the Arctic Circle to see the northern lights for Christmas. But as their train leaves Stockholm, they realize they’re being followed by a sinister figure, and Hal’s powers of observation are tested when Uncle Nat’s past comes back to haunt him. Journeying into the never-ending night of the arctic winter, our railway detectives must outsmart an assassin in their most chilling adventure yet, in which nothing is as it seems . . .

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Epic Adventures

by Sam Sedgman

Book cover for Epic Adventures

Illustrated by Sam Brewster, climb aboard and travel across six continents and thirty-four countries via twelve of the most exciting and awe-inspiring train journeys. Each locomotive adventure reveals some of the rich history, culture, landscape and wildlife of the countries travelled. Take in the safari sights of Southern Africa, wrap up warm in the Arctic Circle, celebrate Chinese New Year and taste some tea in India whilst on a toy train – there's a whole world to discover when travelling by train!