Dr Julia Ravey

28 December 2023
288 pages


In Braintenance, neuroscientist and communicator Dr Julia Ravey empowers you to reach your goals and have more control of your life with practical, research-led self-help.

Your brain likes to keep you safely in your comfort zone. And that is what holds you back.

We have no trouble imagining the goals we would like to achieve – a healthier lifestyle, passing exams or embarking on a new career ­– but turning them into reality is far harder. Dr Julia Ravey explains the practical methods that will enable you to transform your life for the better.

By using the latest developments in science and psychology you will learn how to direct your focus, boost belief, beat procrastination – and why you should forget motivation. Using our current understanding about the brain and the way we behave, Ravey has developed techniques that enabled her to pursue her goals – and they will work for you, too.

The more you understand about your thinking, the more control you can have over your life. Change is good. Your brain just needs some convincing.

Dr Ravey’s read will explain how to direct focus and beat procrastination. Just as importantly, readers will learn techniques to boost belief. After all, if we can see it as actually occurring, it’s half the battle