Out on 04 January 2024

The Green Budget Guide

Nancy Birtwhistle

04 January 2024
336 pages


'Worth its weight in gold' Gaby Roslin
'Great for the pocket and the planet' Daisy Upton

Saving money doesn't have to cost the earth.

How can you remove even the toughest stains? How can you make the best use of your microwave and keep meals healthy and tasty? How can you remove mould safely? Sunday Times bestselling author Great British Bake Off winner Nancy Birtwhistle is here to answer all of these questions and more, featuring 101 thoughtful, cheap and time-saving tips and tricks on how to run a budget home – all while protecting the environment.

Born in post-war Hull in the 1950s, and formerly a single working mum to two kids, Nancy is no stranger to frugality. Building on her astonishing 12p laundry detergent and wildly popular recipe, ‘Pure Magic’, The Green Budget Guide includes more of the inspired, sustainable and budget friendly hacks that have made Nancy so loved by readers and followers on social media, as well as tips and tricks from a lifetime spent learning how to run a household efficiently by saving time and money.

‘Previous generations were very good at being “budget-friendly” long before “eco-friendly” became an everyday word, so by combining the two we can begin to meet these difficult challenges and actually feel empowered, resilient and resourceful.' Nancy x

This is wonderful. The planet and we need more Nancy! This book is so accessible and it reads as she speaks and it does as she does. It’s worth its weight in gold and so is Nancy.
What a wonderful pick and mix of tips and tricks. Nancy has done it again! Since Nancy told me to use cereal packet liners, I haven't bought a single roll of cling film so I am excited to dive into all these hacks and tricks to save even more pennies. The five minute veg stock is RIGHT up my street! The win here is two-fold because it's great for the pocket and the planet so we all win. I keep my other Nancy books in my utility because that is often where I am when I think 'what would Nancy do?' and this one will certainly be joining that collection and undoubtedly become as well-loved as the others.
From baking, to gardening, to organization, resourcefulness, and just her incredible energy . . . she creates art out of everything in her life, and takes so much joy in the process.