Five Trendy Christian Clothing Brands

I am all about making a statement through clothing, so why not share our love for Jesus while wearing something we also feel confident in? In my search for not-so cheesy Christian apperal I came across some companies that offer believer swagger for anyone’s personal style. Enjoy this blog’s first list of trendy Christian clothing brands.

  1. Jesus Loves You

With selected pieces on sale as low as $10 the Jesus Loves You line offers a relaxed look without comprising an impactful message. Their goal is to start a movement sharing the Love of Jesus to all people, everywhere. “We want to take Jesus’ love into the streets, the bars, the groceries stores, and wherever you might find yourself. This is not a message “for christians- by christians.” This is for people – by Jesus.” (Trenton jackson). It may be a personal bias putting them at number one but the Jesus Te Ama tee is sitting in my shopping cart right now because I totally would wear it on the mission field in El Salvador.

2. God the father apparel

Although Jesus is king nothing stopped him from from hitting the streets to reach others. God the Father apparel ignites a conversation with their street-style clothing detailed with scriptures. Clicking through the website of this Canadian brand, T-shirts and hoodies prices vary between $24 and up. Their mission is to continue the call God places on all Christians “Go and make disciples” (Matthew 28:19-20). Not only does wearing their clothes help spread the gospel, with each purchase 10% of all proceeds go to World Vision and sponsoring children of need all over the World. Love a company that is missions minded!

3. God is dope


Based in Atlanta, God Is Dope has made its way across the U.S. with their catchy taglines on each item. I first came across their advertisements while scrolling through instagram and felt the need to buy a Tee for me. Their prices are fair baselining $15 a shirt. Luckily my purchase was made on #nationalfree T-shirt day costing a grand total of $8 for the shipping fee. Currently tracking it’s arrival, review to coming soon!

4. Sacrize

Sacrize apparel is a bit out of my price range but seems worth it when looking at their quality and modern attire taking what we believe as Christians and making it fashion forward. “Our collections for both men and women will fit for any occasion. You don’t need to sacrifice style for showing your Christian faith.”

5. Crazy cool threads

Crazy Cool Threads encourages believers to let their Faith shine bright. “Share hope to a world around you that desperately wishes for it and be the light that guides the lost to you with the most moving, funny, soft and wonderfully made religious apparel you’ll find on the market today.” I recently made a Covid purchase of a few tops pricing at $19.99 to $25 ( I intentionally shopped lower to higher). It did take a few times of exchanging items to find the right size for me, the customer service was attentive and kind throughout the process. Made for everyday life, you could rock Crazy Cool Threads while running errands or creating a casual/trendy outfit for a day out with friends.

**My hope is to help support those who are in business especially the ones with a desire to bring Glory to God through their products. I did NOT get paid to write about these brands, this post is based on my personal liking on what they offer a Christian consumer.**

Thanks for stopping by & Keep the Peace!

Crys xo,

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