Bringing Out The Beauty Within Using Beauty Within By Angelique Skincare

Ladies, we can all probably say, “Amen” when it comes to the struggle in finding the best products for our skin.  Too many times, I am left unsatisfied after applying “recommended” lotions & potions leaving my skin unchanged or irritated. Despite knowing the truth that beauty is found within, it is an added bonus when we also feel beautiful on the outside.


Screen Shot 2020-05-05 at 9.26.49 PM
Business Owner Angelique Burgos 


At the age of 17 Entrepreneur, Angelique Burgos was fed up with spending money on instore skincare & a vision to start creating her own handmade beauty line was birthed. Beauty Within By Angelique includes an array of scrubs, face masks, lotions & serums. By using only organic ingredients & essential oils in her products, it shows Angelique’s heart in providing quality remedies for all skin types.

Screen Shot 2020-05-05 at 10.50.40 PM

God brought Angelique’s dream into action through two women who needed some skin essentials for their mission trip to Iran. The venture was expected to be very stressful for the team, so Angelique gifted them goodie bags filled with relaxing scrubs. Overwhelmed by her kindness, those women became obsessed with the brand, making them Beauty Within By Angelique’s official first customers. Now a busy wife & mom of soon to be three, you go girl! Angelique continues to bless many women with her magical mixtures. The brand is also kingdom-driven in collaborating with other fierce females in small business and supports world missions by contributing special promotions to aide missionaries in raising funds. 

Screen Shot 2020-05-05 at 2.40.18 PM

As our friendship blossomed, Angelique shared her testimony of once struggling with eczema and acene for years. After hearing about her personal skin journey, I couldn’t resist trying some of these products myself. Within a few days of adding a scrub & lash serum to my skincare routine, the glow-up was undeniable.


I absolutely love supporting sisters in Christ who use their talents to bring joy into the lives of others. Angelique is an inspiration in trusting God to direct your steps in pursuing a purpose. Interested in purchasing a gift set or kit? Please follow her Instagram page @beautywithinbyangelique. If you have any questions, Angelique is more than willing to assist in finding a perfect match within her beauty counter for your specific needs. I think I hear your beauty cabinet calling, time to order! 

Screen Shot 2020-05-05 at 10.50.54 PM
Mothers Day Sale scrub & card $7
Screen Shot 2020-05-05 at 10.50.19 PM
Mothers Day set scrub & serum with custom card $15

God Bless & keep the peace;

Crys xo 



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