Weekend Capsule Wardrobe On-Trend

Nothing relaxes me more than scrolling through Pinterest pinning all the cute outfit possibilities. Personal style is something that even on the mission field I’d like to still keep up with. Living in the states, clothes are instantly available right at your fingertips. It can be hard to narrow down on necessary staple items over garments that are bought impulsively. I always loved the idea of embracing a minimalist lifestyle since leaving New York to do missions full time. Although downsizing my closet drastically, I struggle to stay true to who I AM and what type of flare best represents me. When it came to choosing future purchases, there was this constant internal battle between myself and what I thought people expected of me because of now being a Christ-follower. Can missionaries be stylish? Of course, modesty is understood, especially since now I am a 30-year old woman (when did that happen?). Will people take me seriously in the Christian community if I rocked trends? This might sound silly to you, but I definitely hashed this out with God.

Am I dressing up for the right reasons? Is my identity attached to the material things that hang in my closet? If God calls us to excellence, shouldn’t we strive to be well put together? Observing other women in ministry around me, I noticed that ladies of all ages look FANTASTIC! With traveling & meeting people from all over it is relieving to see other women of faith serving the Lord fearlessly & dressed fiercely.  Inspired by my sisters, who slay & pray. I reflected on how to possibly obtain a frugal & most “Crys like” closet. It needs to be comfortable while working with children in El Salvador & also versatile enough for professional occasions.

Achieving a capsule wardrobe is the goal but still a work in progress, thankfully, there’s time to fully master it before I leave for El Sal (haha). Attending the New York Women of Purpose conference was the perfect opportunity to experiment with a weekend capsule wardrobe. The event was from Thursday evening to Saturday morning, I decided to pack everything into one medium-sized travel duffle. Two pairs of pants, three tops, one sweater, two pairs of shoes, and a pajama set (accessories & toiletries included).

The weekend wardrobe breakdown.



Day 1 (Travel Day)

Tie front waffle top (Forever 21)

Black high waist skinny jeans (American Eagle)

Black & white vans



Day 1 (Evening)

Black mock neck bodysuit (Forever 21)

Black high waist skinny jeans (American Eagle)

Camel faux suede duster (Naked wardrobe)

Block heels (Target)

Vintage earrings (Grandmas closet haha)




Day 2 (All day)  

Leopard print button-up (H&M)

Wide Leg Pants (H&M)

Block Heels (Target)

Stud earrings




Day 3 (Last Day) 

Loose button-down shirt (TJ Maxx)

High waist black skinny jeans

Block heels (target)

Red tassel earrings (TJ Maxx)


What about the answers to those questions I posed before?

Daily life is ever-changing; running from having coffee with friends, babysitting toddlers, to conferences and soon (God willing) playing soccer with kiddos in the streets of El Salvador. The Lord does call us to excellence in everything we do, what I decide to wear on my body is for ME to feel my personal best. No, my identity is not found in wearing pretty things, nor is it what I do here in the states or on the mission field. Being a daughter of Christ, and our identity is found in him alone. As for people taking me seriously, I’ve come to the resolution that as long as I’m mindful of not offending others if someone judges me based merely on the fact that I enjoy fashion, it’s their issue between themselves & God.

As my missionary adventure continues to unfold, I continue to pursue balance in all aspects of life and having fun while learning how to adapt in all seasons. My sisters, in faith, stay true to who you are & do not feel the pressure to conform to someone else’s expectations. Keep a heart of God, serve him fearlessly, & stay fabulous in your armor aka outfits (lol).


God Bless & Keep The Peace,




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