Overflow – New York Women Of Purpose Conference

“Anyone who believes in me may come and drink! For the Scriptures declare, ‘Rivers of living water will flow from his heart.’”

John 7:38 

Attending this year’s New York Women of Purpose conference couldn’t have come at a better time.  I’ve been struggling to balance between the reality that I’m still here while my heart is pushing forward in getting to the mission field in El Salvador. “If I can only plough through this season” is something that I’ve been saying to myself a lot. Looking back at this year, God has been incredibly faithful, and half the time, I know I don’t always stop and give him the praise he deserves. 

During the first service of the weekend, the Lord reminded me that although he’s opening the doors to get me to El Salvador, expressing gratitude is also part of the process. Many women were seeking an overflow of clarity & freedom from bondage. Right now, in those areas, I feel confident, maybe even complacent, which is okay, but the Lord deserves thanks even when life is going well. 

The rest of the time in Binghamton, I made the intention to have a heart of thankfulness in the things I usually take for granted. It indeed was an overflow of sisterhood, worship, & prayer. Standing beside other Missionaries & Missionary Associates was such an encouragement to see women pursuing similar burdens for nations on their heart.


Along with laughing over tacos & loving on ladies of the New York area, I reflected on how beyond blessed I am to have my mom. Since answering the call to become a Missionary, she has been a pillar & supports me completely. Many Missionaries come alone when attending these conferences, some of them their families don’t even agree with the calling God has placed on their lives. Having my mom experience part of the journey, I see that it’s not only for my sake but also for those who just need a mom to stand-in. As she cheers me on, mom is always ready to give hugs & prayer to everyone we met, and I’m totally okay with sharing her joy with them. 


Moving forward, how do I plan on keeping myself accountable? Sure, I listen to worship music & whisper “Thank you, Jesus,” but doing a physical action seems more definite. I decided to start a gratitude journal, whenever the Lord shows his favour or answers prayer, there will always be a place that I can read back to. With a new overflow of gratitude in my heart. I am so excited to announce, thanks to the Lord, I am almost 50% funded towards my cash budget (hallelujah!). There still is much work to be done to reach 100% monthly & cash by January. Assured as I keep saying yes to minister in El Salvador while leaning into the constant stretching of this journey. There is confidence the Lord will provide as he continues to transform my heart to better expand HIS kingdom. THANK YOU JESUS! 

Be Blessed & Keep the peace! 


Would YOU like to partner in sending Crys to El Salvador?

  1. Your blessing and prayers become of part of Gods higher purpose.
  2. Donating funds help give me the ability to go & minister the love of Jesus to those who have lost hope.
  3. YOU get back by giving! Any funds contributed can be used a tax write off. 

To make a donation today, please visit giving.ag.org & use Account #2976397 

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