May & June Full of Grace

Apologizes for not writing an update in May! My family had gone through a transition period, helping my grandmother move from her apartment in Harlem to now a senior care facility closer to us. I wish I could say it was an easy task, but is anything in life ever REALLY easy? NOPE haha.

To catch you folks up a bit, at the beginning of May, the Lord pressed it on my heart to quit my second Job as a behavioral therapist. As hard as it was to finally let go of working for a family I genuinely cared for, in obedience, I said adios.

Now that my schedule cleared up a bit, I figured it was perfect timing to focus more on the missions process. The day right after leaving that second Job, my parents called me regarding a family 911. My grandmother needed to find a new place to live ASAP for she no longer could live independently. Sure, maybe it doesn’t sound too bad but allow me to add that my sweet little abuelita is a chronic hoarder. Her apartment was filled to the brim, boxes upon boxes of just random stuff. Being the only ones out of the family who could take time off. My mom, dad, and I took on the challenge to organize 30 years worth of impulse shopping. After weeks of travel back forth to the city, we managed to clean 200 bags of garbage & about 80 bags of clothing & accessories out of her old apartment (Yikes).

During those weeks, I felt so discouraged thinking about losing an entire month of itinerating for funding. Every day I prayed to the Lord for grace because I couldn’t just leave my parents to go through the situation with my abuela alone. Funny how the Lord works right? When I thought I’d have more time for missions, God instead used me to help support my parents. You know what guys? God does hear our prayers & gives grace to those who serve him.

 “Grace and peace be yours in abundance through the

knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord.”

-2 Peter 1:2

I want to give the glory to God by providing the location & means to move my abuela in a beautiful facility. A brand new 5 star rated senior living center opened just that month! They were looking for residents, abuelita ended up being 1 out of 5 tenants, meaning she gets more than enough attention and care (Hallelujah!).

Grandma on the right, living her best life (haha) 

Despite not being able to focus 100% on fundraising, God still showed up. Receiving a blessing from friends totaling $2,111 of giving that goes towards El Salvador, I am beyond grateful & all the praise goes to Jesus. There is no denying how things turned out IS grace! (Thank you, Lord).

In June, I got right back on track having the opportunity to speak at two churches where once again, God amazes me in how he works. The First Church Rehoboth Assembly of God was such a loving experience. At first glance, it just seemed like your average storefront church in Jamaica, Queens. I learned my lesson to never underestimate the power of God despite the size of a church. Although they were small in a congregation, their hearts were GIANT. Spending time with them that Sunday was uplifting, I admired their encouragement & love for the Lord’s work; my favorite part I have to admit was playing with a bunch of kiddos.



The second church visit in June with Faith Assembly of God was the Lord showing progress in his promises. A few members of Faith AG had been on the same mission trip to Nicaragua I went on in 2017, and then they came to serve last summer in El Salvador during the same time I was interning. Presenting at their home church was such an honor, it felt like MY home too. Not only were my teammates there, but their Pastors & congregation welcomed my family and me wholeheartedly.



As of now, I’m about 30% percent into my Cash budget goal but still, have A LOT of connecting to do in order to reach full monthly support by November. The next few weeks I’ll be booking appointments with friends to meet over coffee & calling churches choosing dates to share about missions in El Salvador. My heart is always thinking of people in El Salvador, as I do the work here my trust is in the Lord to provide to get me there.

Keep the Peace & God bless!

Crys xo

How could YOU help in sending Crys to El Salvador?










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