Pre Field Orientation & The Next Steps Towards El Salvador

Months of dying to self, a total of 44hours driving through flatlands (roundtrip), & 12 days of training all leading to one moment. Standing in a sanctuary holding an AGWM certificate, I couldn’t help but think “Lord, we did it.”I’m still in disbelief that almost two years ago the Lord called to me to missions & I am now a commissioned Assembly of God World Missions Missionary (God is SO Good!).

Once receiving my Missionary Associate acceptance letter back in November I often thought to God, “Am I going to be on this journey alone?”. As I moved forward in planning a trip to attend Pre-field orientation for Missions, it worked out that another one of my close friends was able to join me. Having a gal pal, was seriously Gods way of holding my hand throughout this process. Besides sharing such an unforgettable experience with someone who is very close to my heart, the Lord continues, to show glimpses of his faithfulness along the way.


In the days before heading to Springfield, Missouri, I anticipated that missions training would include overwhelming information. Between the statistics, fundraising facts, & practical sessions it was also an opportunity for relationships to start building. During the intense 12 days, I was able to connect with other missionaries who like myself are navigating their callings. It was comforting to hear their stories and inspiring how God moved in their lives by calling them to serve in countries who are waiting for the gospel.

A lot of the missionaries will possibly be arriving in language school around the same time as I am which would be genuinely surprising. Although Gods timing is perfect, there is a good chance of us bumping into each other once again in the future (Yay!). Learning and fellowshipping was also an excellent way to meet the leaders within the Assembly of God Latin American Caribean community. The Lord has blessed our region with such great leadership who truly care about their missionaries out on the field. 


Full of joy from all the encouragement I was able to receive & give to others, now that we have made it past Pre-Field Orientation it is on to the next stages of reaching our goals. Once again I trust the Lord will provide & place the people in my life to help partner in sending me to El Salvador by August 2019. I can honestly say that coming this far; I could not have made it on my own. It is by Gods grace & the family I collect along the way that makes this missions journey even more meaningful. 


It is now ”go time” in my itineration process, I need help making relationships with new friends like YOU who will join me on this journey in supporting missions in prayer & financial contributions. Would you prayerfully consider being a part of my ministry? Once you have had time to pray, I look forward to meeting with you & sharing more about the mission God has placed in my heart.

Keep The Peace & God Bless,

Crys xo;


Keeping Up With The Peace 

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