Checking In With Crys: Missions Updates & More

Hola Amigos, Thanks for checking into Living In Peaces!

With 2018 coming to a close it seemed like perfect timing to share what God is preparing me for in the new year. In case you were wondering how my missions process is going I have exciting news! After weeks of applications, interviews, and email trails I have been approved as an official AGWM Missionary Associate (MA). God is so faithful! 

What does that mean?

Well, now instead of going on short-term trips I am seeking an opportunity to serve in Latin America for two years (loco I know). It is honestly unreal to imagine that possibly around this time next year I will be living out my missions calling. 


Where am I going? 

While in El Sal this past summer a door opened offering to serve with Kings Castle Ministries. Compelled to be obedient my application process started with El Salvador as the goal destination. Although at the time I felt confident in my decision a part of me still needs a little more spiritual confirmation. To wholeheartedly seek where the Lord is leading me, I have also applied to other ministries in Brazil, Colombia, and Chile. Don’t get me wrong, I love everything about Kings Castle El Sal. Being a part of such a public ministry would be an honor. There is a lot potentially how the Lord could use my giftings and also stretch me in new areas. But, as with all things I don’t want it to come down to a final decision based on what I think is best or what seems the easiest. 

I am willing and ready to spread the love of Christ wherever the Lord calls. If El Salvador is the country God wants me, there is trust that his hand will be creating a way to guide me there. 


What is currently confirmed?

Even though uncertain of Gods plan in location there are a few things that are currently in motion. In March 2019 I will be attending a missions training right in the heart of AGWM also known as Missouri (haha). I have started ministry classes with Global University which is a relearning experience. A lot of time has passed since being in a school setting. Luckily, most courses are online and can be completed according to my changing schedule (Thank you, Jesus!)

Once approved as an MA the one year to raise funds also begun. In exactly 12 months or less (Lord willing) I need to gather a total cash budget of $31,000 and $2,873 for monthly support. Since there is no type of payment serving in missions that amount includes housing, food, transportation, insurance, etc. while I’m away in language school and ministering for the future 24 months. 

Being an independent woman asking for assistance is not something I enjoy especially when it comes to finances. God continues teaching me in being more comfortable with asking for help. By others giving it is not just investing in me alone it’s also contributing to the kingdom, and they too receive a blessing as well. 

Another step in moving forward, my prayer cards have ARRIVED! If interested in receiving one via snail mail, please comment your address below or shoot an email to 


A Call To Pray

I understand I’ve mentioned many times how vital prayer is throughout this process. As I await Gods plan to unfold, please join me in prayer during this holiday season. My heart is aching to be in Latin America preaching the gospel. With your prayers & support may Gods promises come to pass in reaching nations awaiting salvation. 


Crys XO;


Would you like to gift a donation to missions?

Please visit & use tax ID #2976397

**Any amount is appreciated may you be blessed by giving**







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