El Sal In A Nutshell

How was El Salvador?

Responding to this question has gotten me completely tongue-tied. It has been a little over a week now since returning to the states & the transition period is bittersweet. The past two months were incredible, spiritually enlightening, & fulfilling! Using all the adjectives in the dictionary couldn’t explain to the fullest what the Lord had done. 


A Summer Summary 

Kings Castle Ministries is where all your childhood fantasies come true. Surrounded by mountains tucked beside a lake, the campsite resembles a castle. Wild horses roam freely on the grounds & monkeys swing in their cages. Being there felt like a dream, the hard work & prayer it took to get to Central America had finally come to be. 

IMG_7456 (2).JPG

In the first two weeks what started off as 25 strangers who became a united family. Between surviving boot camp, devotionals, & bonding over pupusas, we recognized that despite our different pasts we came together for the same reason, to serve. The motivation for sharing the love of Christ to Ninos all over El Sal set the tone for the rest of the season. 

Along with fun in the sun, there were also very STRETCHING days. Once teams began arriving the machine that is ministry was in full gear. Mornings started early & bedtimes would be after regular hours. In reality, my life never felt more purposeful than dancing in the streets of El Salvador with such amazing people beside me. Standing on the front lines, we witnessed miracles of healing & supernatural power that is the Holy Spirit. We hugged children that feel unnoticed along with helping adults surrender their hearts to God. 

What’s Next? 

Thankfully, the Lord provided many confirmations in what my next steps should be while back in states. A week prior to leaving El Salvador I began my application to become a two-year term Missionary Associate (MA) & serve wherever a door is open within Kings Castle ministries. I am praying for the opportunity to move forward in discipleship courses to grow knowledge of the gospel. God also continues to provide work that is flexible so I may stay mission minded & work on other projects. I’m not sure of the full plan or what he is preparing me for but I trust the Lord wholeheartedly & I am willing to do whatever he asks in obedience. 


 Thank You to those who supported & prayed for the missionaries in El Salvador! 

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