Two Months One Suitcase: El Salvador

I LOVE learning new ways of packing less to enjoy more of the journey. On other occasions, my luggage would contain an abundance of clothing & hair products (What can I say, I’m a girl!). Two months will be the longest I’ve ever been away, so it is essential to me to have all the things I need. Although I’ve been on a few mission trips before, this assignment to El Salvador is teaching me to be more efficient with what is in my suitcase.

Staying Organized

My room at home usually is a hot mess, but when traveling, I like order. A real game changer for me was buying suitcase organizers to hold clothes now they won’t move around while in route. Also, Zip-Lock bags are AMAZING! They are clear so you can see what you have, affordable, & are fantastic for holding liquids or random items. 

Our housing in El Salvador is similar to a dorm. It will be a room full of ladies & bunk beds. I found this handy toiletry bag that has a hanger on it to hook on the side of the bed frame (Such a great idea).  

*Tip: All my bags & some belongings are BLUE. Why? Well, when sharing a space with multiple people it’s easier to identify what is yours & theirs by picking a pattern or color that represents YOU.*


Thankfully working in ministry what you wear is not a priority. In most South American Countries Modesty is valued. Women usually wear long skirts & T-shirts. On the compound where our team will be staying, we are allowed to be comfortable in athletic clothing but most of our time will be spent on the mission field. 

What I packed…

  • Tops: 4 tanks (1-inch strap), 5 t-shirts, 3 cute shirts
  • Bottoms: 3 athletic pants, 5 skirts (For ministry days), 1 pair leggings, 3 pairs of jeans.
  •  Lounge/PJs: 1 sleep shorts, 1 sleep pants, 2 sleep shirts, 1 pair sweatpants, 2 sweatshirts.
  • Swim: 2 one-piece bathing suits, 1 pair of boys basketball shorts (We always cover up!) 
  • Dresses: 1 black maxi, 1 floral (Sometimes there will be an event to glam up) 
  • Undergarments: I’ll spare you the details, I folded up about 2 weeks worth. 


Since I will also be working with children having stylish footwear that may be uncomfortable is not the best idea. Keeping it casual with a good pair of sneakers for running around is a better option.

What I packed…

  • Converse, Nike Trainers, Flip flops, Strappy flat sandals

Personal Items 

I made an effort to not overkill on the beauty products but still wanted to feel that I had the stuff that makes me feel clean & presentable. 

What I packed… 

  • Hygiene: Tooth Brush, toothpaste, deodorant, mouthwash (small bottle), 2 bars of soap, floss, wipes, toilet paper, tampons & liners (sorry bros, girls need this stuff) & shaving cream
  • Hair: Shampoo, Conditioner, leave in conditioner, brush, curling product, hair ties (because Lord knows they get lost easily), Bobby pins 
  • Body: 2 bars of soap, face wash, body lotion, body mist 

*Tip: If you want to pack perfume or body spray remember that spraying too many sweet scents will attract unwanted friends that may bite.*

Spiritual Armor 

The most important of all the items to include in a suitcase & heart is making sure to include your spiritual armor

“Endure hardship with us, like a good soldier of Christ.”
-2 Timothy 2:3 

Funny how the devotional book (Before You Go by Jack Hempling) I’m currently reading highlighted the truth of even though you made lists & bought everything for you to stay “comfortable” on your adventure, there will be times or elements that will make you feel vulnerable. Make sure to prepare the heart for all types situation, this is crucial to stay mission minded & avoid distractions while evangelizing to the masses.

Keep The Peace & God Bless! 

Crys xo;











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