Missionary Q&A With Izabella Norae

One of the things I LOVE about being on the mission field is connecting with others who equally share the joy of the journey. On my first trip to Nicaragua in 2017, I had the pleasure of meeting Izabella Diaz & her younger sister (Juliana Diaz), alongside their top model genetics God has blessed them with hearts for adventure to serve those in need. Izabella is killing it as a full-time student while also preparing to lead a mission trip this summer in Grenada & Nicaragua. She is a confident woman in Christ, her devotion to this call is inspiring! In reality, I could rave & write about how much I adore this girl FOREVER, to keep this blog post brief but also informative here are a few Q&A questions to learn more about Izabella & how God guided her soul to missions. 


Q: Where are you from? 

A: I’m from Rockland County, NY

Q: What college are you attending?

 A: I’m studying at Southeastern University in Lakeland, Florida

Q: What is your relationship with Christ?

 A: My relationship with Christ was always a priority in my life, but it wasn’t until the age of about 17 or 18 that I started to really take it seriously. A few months before my Nicaragua mission trip was when I really started pursuing the Lord and my relationship with him. Since then I have been devoted and excited about my relationship with Christ and helping others find the same joy.


Q: When did God Confirm your call to missions?

A: When we went to Nicaragua in the summer of 2017, at the end of that trip was when I felt God calling me to missions. As of right now, I believe that I am drawn to the country of Nicaragua.

Q. What are your plans for the future?

A: I decided to study at SEU, a Christian college, where I am majoring in Speech Pathology and minoring in Missions. I plan on using the profession of Speech pathology to help kids all around the world who may be struggling with Speech and Language Disorders. I can’t wait for what God has in store for my life and how he will use it to bring others to him.

As a Christian & a woman, it is so important to me to uplift other #princesswarriors in the pursuit to tell the world about Jesus. I can’t wait to hear about how the Lord uses their team to touch the lives others. Please keep in prayer Izabella & her ladies as they serve overseas!


Want to help BLESS Izabellas Mission Trip?

Click HERE to donate! 

Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 7.19.00 PM

You can also purchase an authentic headband for $5! 

For orders, please call: (845) 500-3723 

* All Proceeds Go Towards Missions*

Share The Peace & God Bless! 

Crys xo; 




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