Soul Detox

Despite all the weird weather here in the North East, it is officially the spring season! Flowers are beginning to bloom & most of us welcome the promise of warmer days by making room for a fresh start. Detoxing or “Spring cleaning” is for those who feel the need to make healthier choices & wanting to remove the toxic juju lurking on dusty bookshelves. I’ve come to realize that in my life God sometimes asks me to eliminate more than just bad eating habits & bleaching my entire house. We all have an understanding of right vs. wrong in this world, but it is incredible how once surrendering entirely to Christ the Holy Spirit starts chipping away the past self to transform YOU into a closer representation of Jesus. Even when I come to a point where there just isn’t anything else I can think of to leave behind sooner, or later the Lord reveals those unwanted cobwebs. Here are a few things that I’ve recently purged from the closets of my soul to prepare for an upcoming missions assignment in Nicaragua. 

Change of Heart 

Taking inventory of the heart is a perfect start to see if there is any over expired issues you haven’t tossed away yet. It’s the hardest because we tend to justify our grievances because someone may have offended us or our subconscious is holding on to past trauma. Throughout reading scriptures my once hardened heart became softened as I learned to lay all those uneasy feelings at the Lord’s feet. As the healing process began it then became more natural to be less selfish & more selfless. 

“Moreover, I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit within you; and I will remove the heart of stone from your flesh and give you a heart of flesh.”
Ezekiel 36:26

Mindful Music 

Growing up my mom would invariably say “Garbage in, Garbage out!”. You know what? Madre knows her stuff. Music is something that lives and breathes, melodies expressing unspoken emotion & lyrics that tell endless stories. Music has always been one of those things I can’t live without, but there has been a HUGE shift in what makes my soul sing. It’s not that I no longer enjoy mainstream music it just doesn’t feel the same anymore compared to verses poured out for the praise & Glory of Christ. 

(Que up on iTunes! Cory Asbury-Reckless LoveNF-If You Want Love )

 Oh, Snickerdoodle! 

In the moment of slamming a finger in a drawer, it’s hard remembering to filter what comes out of your mouth. While having conversations with others control of the tongue is an intentional practice. Instead of releasing F-bombs using alternative phrases is much classier & can be the comic relief in some situations. Despite my efforts to try to switch out foul language to more cutesy Christian “curse” words, admittedly I do slip. Luckily God understands that I am a woman in progress & he allows many chances for me to redeem my thoughtless lips (haha). 
(Need a laugh? Watch this >>>Alternative Cuss Words – Tim Hawkins)

Last Call 

I never had a problem with drinking, it wasn’t something that my life revolved around. Sure, there was that time in my younger life where nights were dedicated to socially taking tequila shots & dancing on tables (R.I.P Party Crys). As I grew older health became more of a priority over damaging my liver, it wasn’t unusual once in a while to enjoy a glass of red wine. Besides being now a MAPS Missionary who has agreed NOT to consume alcohol, ever since I’ve started digging deeper into my relationship with Christ over the past year the actual interest to drink has vanished. Will I ever have a mimosa again? Honestly, I am not sure, if my call is missions & to be a leader working with youth, then it is my responsibility to keep my promise to abstain. Do I have a problem meeting friends at a bar? Nope! Each individual is their own I’ll just have H20 on the rocks, please!  

(Check out these 30 Mocktail Recipes!) 

Possession Obsession

Once my mind was made up to move back home the first instinct was to sell all my extra material possessions. Yep, that’s right! All my pretty purses, about twenty pairs of shoes, & clothes with tags still attached. I purged my drawers to commit to a life of minimalism. Don’t get me wrong I am a girly girl who loves to shop the difference is that now I really take the time to ask myself “Do I need this?”. When it comes to accessories, it means so much more to me if I buy a piece while traveling or on the mission field, especially if it goes towards a good cause. Seriously though having less clothing makes it easier to keep my room clean & BONUS less laundry. Who likes doing laundry anyway?!

(Minimalism The Guardian Article)

Undoing habits that have formed over the years is a constant battle. Some days you’ll fail miserably, but others will end in victory. STAY PERSISTENT! As long as you keep trying & seeking God, it is within him that all those dust bunnies under the rug will be swept away forever. 


Share The Peace & God Bless,

Crys xo; 

Keeping UP With The Peace…

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