What You Doing? Atlanta!

Time seriously flies! I can’t believe almost a week ago mom & I flew into Georgia to visit my beloved little sister. Atlanta has become a second home, a scenic city full of hidden gems to explore. When hanging out with Tiff there is no denying the similarities in our personalities is a little telekinetic. The bonds of sisterhood flourish over finding new places that feed our minds & tummies. 

Thanks to Native New Yorker Jason Buchel creator of a new application called What You Doing (WYD), discovering local restaurants & entertainment in any area is now a breeze. Narrow down a search by emoji & location, magically, nearby hotspots are visually mapped out for your convenience. Merely tapping a place of interest leads to currently tagged Instagram photos which are a great help in choosing where an adventure may be waiting.

WYD is a traveler’s best friend in saving time & making sure to find activities tailored to personal interests. Rather than wasting precious moments on Siri searching the web for ideas, having this user-friendly app handy during our shortlived stay allowed my family to spend more of our time making memories.

Check Out What We Did! 

Screen Shot 2018-03-07 at 2.08.34 PM

Screen Shot 2018-03-07 at 2.18.41 PM

Screen Shot 2018-03-07 at 2.30.58 PM

Screen Shot 2018-03-07 at 2.40.43 PM.png


Want access to fun anywhere you wander at the touch of a fingertip?   

Screen Shot 2018-03-07 at 4.11.59 PM.png

Download Here! 

Crys xo; 


** I did NOT receive any compensation for this post** 





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  1. What a nifty app. I often go to different cities to judge speech and debate competitions…and then what? This app will definitely come in handy when I want to take a little time before living a big city, or even a little bough, to reward myself with a little adventure, and even a photo op. Thanks for sharing!

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