Gal Pals & Glam


It is ablessing to reconnect with an old gal pal who is encouraging no matter how many years pass by. As a supporter of nurturing such relationships with those sharing not only their love as well as the latest make-up tips, in gratitude, I make it a point to do the same in return. Especially, if it’s another female #bossbabe who is following her dreams & spreading the joy of self-care like glitter to women everywhere!


From serving in the US Airforce, Diana Medina had come to the decision to stay home with her children but still wanted to contribute to her household. Just like the hard worker I’ve always known her to be, Diana started investigating a potential side hustle (get it, girl!). After some research & admiring another #glamgoddess who was selling a new make-up brand called SeneGence. Diana took a chance thus leading her to work with one of the most excellent beauty care lines out there!

“I researched the products, and I instantly fell in love before even trying them.”Diana Medina 

Now a rep for SeneGence she is making headway while enjoying the perks of playing with new lipsticks all day. Diana also has the pride of partnering with a company that is making a difference in the world as well. 

IMG-2479 copy.jpg

Why Consider Using SeneGence Products?

  1. SeneGence is made in the USA.
  2. Not tested on animals. 
  3. The company respects dietary restrictions in the making of their products: Gluten Free (GF) & Vegan (V)
  4. It is the only company on the market with SenePlex (A kinetic enzyme that increases cellular renewal).
  5. All products are non-comedogenic, semi-permanent, anti-aging, budge proof, water resistant last forever, doesn’t feel cakey, made to keep bacteria out.

Knowing the reasons to start adding LipSense to a beauty kit, there is no argument in that you will be using products created with YOU in mind. Besides having now a new cosmetic go to, you can feel a part of something more significant. Every time a checkout button is clicked a portion of the proceeds go towards a non- profit organization that helps women & children in need.

Want To Learn More About What SeneGence Offers? Contact Diana! Member ID:236736

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** I did not receive compensation for this post** 

God Bless & Share the Peace!

Crys xo; 

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