About Agape Soaps International

Welcome to livinginpeaces.com! My name is Crys & I am a missionary, not to sound cliche but answering this call is what I live for. Agape Soaps International is a recent project of mine to aid in raising funds to go where there is a need. Creating is my passion & it is incredible how God is showing me to use it towards a higher meaning. 

Chocolate Covered Strawberry (Goat’s Milk, Cocoa powder, Pure Strawberry Essential Oil, Pure Chocolate Essential Oil, & Organic Pink Coloring)

Why Soap?

Truthfully, the idea started with my sister Tiff. We make an effort to maintain our skin &  both of us are addicted to finding beauty products made with all natural ingredients. Our body care bill quickly added up, so it was time to start figuring out another way to make our everyday toiletries right at home. Similar to a mad scientist Tiffany cooked up some soap recipes using different bases, oils, & moisturizes. Sister’s share everything so with her permission I gave it a try too. The results were outstanding! Long story short I kept making soaps then started to sell it to friends & family.

What’s In Agape Soaps International?

All HANDMADE with REAL ingredients! My skin is super sensitive to artificial scents which use tons of alcohol, YIPE. When it came to choosing a primary soap base I wanted to find something that would hydrate skin but not leave it feeling slick. Goat’s milk does just that. It is a blessing sent from heaven for people who suffer from dry or sensitive skin such as eczema and psoriasis. Aware that there are many skin allergies regarding dyes, I do try to use natural juices, coffee, & tea’s to add a pop color to my soap. If there is a specific hue that I’m trying to accomplish I found an organic dye provider that so far has gotten great reviews. All essential oils dripped into the bars of Agape Soaps International are grade A & have been given a stamp of approval for topical use. Honesty is vital in any relationship whoever decides to purchase from ASI each bag of soap includes an itemized list of ingredients & cautions.

Activated Charcoal & Peppermint Bar: (Goat’s Milk, Activated Charcoal, Pure Peppermint Essential Oil)

The Purpose

The idea of working in missions is to spread the love of Christ to all souls over sea’s & beyond mountain peaks. Sounds like an adventure, right? It’s not your everyday pencil pushing job, but God has proven to me in many cases that connecting people to the word is my purpose. On that note, another fact about being a missionary is that although the Lord provides all means, he still wants us to produce. I knew there had to be a way to create a brand that will help support my trips but also give back. Know that every purchase of ASI not only provides for personal mission trips, it also extends towards supports other missionaries & in their ministries. 

Want to be part of the cause?

Order some Agape Soaps International!

3 Bars for $10 ($5 Shipping Flat Rate) 

Please email: agape.soaps@gmail.com


God Bless!

Crys xo;

Keeping Up With The Peace

Officially became an approved AG Missionary Associate!

Upcoming  missionary trip: Nicaragua Summer 2018 (June-August)

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