A Little Hope & A Lot Of Soap

Devoting life to missionary work surprisingly isn’t the hardest part of my call. I have no problem loving on people & globetrotting in the name of God. The only major obstacle is coming up with the funds to go where there is a need. Asking people for cash is not cute especially if they don’t understand what happens on a mission field. Ironically enough I’ve been reading the book of Corinthians written by one of the highest respected missionaries in history the apostle Paul. In Bible times GoFundMe didn’t exist, so Paul became a tentmaker to support his ministry.  Like Paul, I needed to be my tentmaker in a sense. For weeks I had been praying to the Lord to give me a business idea so that raising money for missions wouldn’t be a #struggle anymore. 

Coffe Soap

My sister is a genius when it comes to being crafty, so of course, she gets all the credit for the inspiration (Thanks, sister). Tiff started making homemade organic soaps to help her skin & shared with me some research. It took me a minute to realize, but God’s hand was already working on a solution. After seeing her product outcome, I figured why not try to make some myself. A couple failed tries & with finally some success I perfected a combination of soaps that smell almost good enough to eat! (P.S They aren’t edible) 


Handing out a few samples to friends with raving reviews in return, all that was left was to choose a name for the brand. Up to late hours in the night abusing the internet thesaurus, the Love Language term Agape rang like a bell. Besides the root of the word coming from the Grecian bible (Love the GREEKS) the meaning of it expresses what having a missions heart is all about. 

Agape is a Greco-Christian term referring to love, “the highest form of love, charity” and “the love of God for man and of man for God.”


You know when it’s a sign from God when tears just start streaming down your face for no reason (I cry a lot). With a little flare tagged on at the end thanks to suggestions from my church family, viola! Agape Soaps International has arrived! Now, this isn’t an overnight million dollar story, but there is a truth that a little faith may go a long way, especially if it’s Christ-centered. Since creating my soap, I have raised money that will aid towards changing peoples lives. There is no doubt that there will be other hurdles to overcome & more failures ahead. On the bright side if Agape Soaps International dosen’t become my “tent” I know that God will guide me to another idea.  

Want to make a purchase towards a purpose?

Agape Soaps International 

AGI Featured image

3 soaps for $6 dollars

6 soaps for $11


         Will ship! Shipping not included in the price.  

For comments & orders contact Crystallodico@gmail.com 


Crys Xo;



Fundraising For Nicaragua Internship ( June 2018)

Reading: Jesus Feminist by Sarah Bessey





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