A Testimony Of Hope

There is no denying that our world is experiencing a season of pain. Every new tragedy, acts of terrorism, & lack of love for one another sit heavy in our hearts. When bad things happen I find myself asking God straight out the questions I am sure everyone else is thinking.

How could you let this happen? Do you enjoy our suffering? 

Although not directly affected by current events, I wanted to share a testimony to give hope to those who are seeking & to let you know that God hears your prayers & restoration is on its way. 

but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.” –Isaiah 40:31


Living In Luxury 

My parents have always been the most hardworking people I’ve ever known. Besides being a perfect match, they are a dynamic duo who conquer all obstacles with Christ at their core. When I was born, my parent’s dream to go into the childcare business became a reality, and my father left Wallstreet to work beside my mother together owning one of the most reputable daycare centers in Queens.  

As the business grew, the cash flow flooded in. God had blessed our home with more than what we needed. Money wasn’t an issue & our lifestyle showed it. My father enjoyed buying houses, cars, & boats while myself, mom, & sister Tiffany swiped plastic on 5th avenue usually with Godiva chocolates in hand. When I think back at it now for a young kid, my bag collection was poppin’ compared to the present. 

Now, let me say this before continuing on. My parents are lovely people and knowing God in the season of wealth kept their hearts genuine. With all the money we once had we would often help those in need, my father is a generous man especially when it comes to family & friends. He is an excellent example of how to give and always says things like “When God blesses you, you must share the blessing.”

What Goes Up Must Come Down

In 2007 you’d say we were reaching our financial peak, the daycare continued to bring home the bacon & our second “big” house was near completion. Dad had started his next project working in real estate building houses to sell. It seemed that we were unstoppable until, if you remember 2007, it was also the year of the most significant economic downfall to hit the U.S.  Long story short, we lost EVERYTHING. The expensive luxuries, our business & my shoe collection all gone faster than lightning. With no money in the bank, our extended family quickly turned their backs making us financial lepers. No one wanted to help us or even say words of grace. In three months we had relocated three times to try to find a foothold not to end up on the street.

That year depression changed my once ambitious father into a man without hope, Tiff & I had started working to help towards the household, as the oldest daughter I stepped up and became my mother’s emotional support. It was also the year at the age of 16 that I decided to stop believing in God. Filled with anger, I couldn’t understand why he allowed such turmoil on my family. We are GOOD people! (Not cool God, not cool.) 


Never Forgotten

You know when trying to get someones attention people attempt extreme ways to get it. Think of a clothing Sale for instance. Our media platforms repeatedly try to instill in our subconscious the message that there’s a “SALE” going on. Differently, God does the same thing. He wants you to listen and wants to remind you that YOU are his. 

“see how our father loves us, for he calls us his children, and that is what we are!”-1 John3:1

Overlooking his billboard signs the four of us were tossed into a life of merely living to keep our heads above water & besides my individual decision to turn away from my heavenly father, we all had lost sight of him altogether. Our recovery wasn’t instant, but today I like to call it a miracle in disguise. One of our family members showed mercy & extended some relief & my father who had been broken by his situation started depending more on God for answers. Within seven years my parents started new careers, began chipping away their debts, and were gifted by the Lord A HOUSE! Yes, we truly believe our current house was sent from God because after all the years we endured owning a home seemed unreachable. It was HE who restored all & our home belongs him. 

Saving Grace

Last May I dove deeper into reading the bible & the first book I read thoroughly was the one story of Job. He was a man who was given ultimate blessings. If he were living modern day, you’d bet to see his house on MTV cribs or Million dollar listings. Job had it ALL, material & personal relationships until God allowed the Devil to take the things he loved so profoundly away except for his life. Why you ask? Well, I guess the Lord wanted to see how Job would react in a season of grief. If you ‘re going to read about a man who blatantly argues God’s reasoning in despair of loss for why he does such things, then I definitely recommend reading the book of Job. 
It dawned on me that our families past mirrored Jobs & the message resonated in my spiritual ears. Most of us only praise the Lord when life is overflowing of material possessions, world advances, & extensions of the family. Yes, these are blessings to be celebrated for God is the one who gives them to us. The real test is, are we still praising his name when our worlds are darkened by unfortunate events?

“Should we only accept good things from the hand of God and never anything bad?”-Job 2:10

A lot of people get upset with God as I once did & turn away but that’s not walking in faith of him. If you choose to walk with Christ, there is the whole trust that he will give you exactly what you need. There is HOPE in him.

You will be secure because there is hope; you will look about you and take your rest in safety.”You will lie down, with no one to make you afraid, and many will court your favor.”-Job 11:18-19

In the end, Job was given back all he had lost because he proved faithful along loving God more than his possessions. Similar to him my family was given a second chance. No, we don’t have the same wealth but what we DO have is more magnificent. Our family unit of four has a refound relationship in Christ & he continues to teach us how to extend his love to others. 

With this, in whatever life might be throwing at you right now problems may seem great, but our God is GREATER.

Don’t lose hope, keep the faith, & have peace. 

Crys xo; 

Listening: Hillsong United 
Photos Taken: Apple Dave’s Orchards
Cooking: Baked Apples 
Upcoming Mission Trips: Colombia October 21st 












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