Clock Stopper

The idea of time control sounds like the perfect antidote to all our problems. Remember the 2002 movie Clock Stoppers? If you haven’t seen the flick, it’s one of the greatest Nickelodeon classics ever made (in my opinion). How cool would it be if there was a magical watch that allowed us to adjust the time to our needs? Hit pause to live the rest of your days on sandy shores of a beach. Want to do a quick workout? No problem just fast forward. Need a little extra time to do makeup? Slow down to achieve a flawless finish.

“Lord remind me how brief my time on earth will be. Remind me that my days are numbered- how fleeting my life is.” – Psalm 39:4 

Of course in the real world, as much as we try to manipulate minutes it’s just not something we can alter. When we live throughout our days doing our “normal activities” it may seem like nothing is happening and it’s easy to forget with every second that passes another second of that time can’t be replaced. 


Tick Tock 

Most of my weeks feel frozen wondering, when will things finally start to pick up? The control freak inside starts comparing my clock with everyone else’s. This person has a better career, that person just bought a house. Obviously, the whole world is doing way better than I am, why aren’t things working out for me?

Although practicing Christianity is about living a joyful life, I am a very emotional human. Lately, I’ve been filled with remorse of years that I can never get back & continue to kick myself while already down. I started to think that maybe my time will never come.  You know where that got me? Honestly, not only was I wasting time rehashing what cannot be undone, but I was also creating distance between myself & God. His voice was no longer heard or the feeling of his presence. Talk about frustrating but let me share how amazing HE is! We fail him all the time, but he is still looking out for us. Recently, two people very close to me confirmed a message that God needs me to chill out on trying to #rushtheprocess. When you get spoken words like that, especially if it comes from your pastor, it’s a moment to check your attitude. 

“God will Bless you if you don’t give up when your faith is being tested” – James 1:12

I admittedly ate humble pie and was guilty of the repeat offense, forgetting that there is a reason why God wants me in this place. Once again, my TRUST was being tested & I have to pull the reins back to wait on him because HE has the master plans. 


The Gift Of The Present 

What does one do in a season of solitude? My man David wasn’t born a king he spent many moons hanging out in fields guarding sheep. Sure, being a sheepherder is no comparison to the title of King. Instead of staying in a funk, David made the best of his present time and ended up writing 150 beautiful Psalms that speak volumes even today. 

“Regret for the things we did can be tempered by time; it is regret for the things we did not do that is consolable.”-Sydney Harris 

Imagine what we miss by not living in the present?  Your situation may not be ideal, but it’s how you live through it & what is done with experience that will make all the difference. If you aren’t yet where you’d like to be, follow David’s outlook and DO SOMETHING. Get involved in church or community activities, be in the moment with loved ones, read a book,  do things that one day you’ll never have the time to do. Nothing is a waste for although efforts may seem useless growth is all part of the journey & the more time you put in NOW, the greater the outcome will be in the FUTURE.


P.S Keep the Peace loves 

Crys xo;

Edited by my best friend & sister Tiffany Lodico 



Photos Taken: Peter Mountain, Port Jervis, New York 

 Reading For Family Devotions: The Book Of Psalms 

 Listening To: I Will Trust You-Lauren Daigle

Coming up: Mission Trip To Colombia October 21st






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