From Novella To Nicaragua 

Those who know me remember how tragic I was this time last year. The short version is that last summer I walked away from my fabricated idea of a “life” and was broken. I was the girl with mascara running down her face at church. Today I stand before you stronger than ever in my walk with Christ and my mascara is now waterproof. Travel is my love, if it were up to me, I would visit every country. In the past going away would be more for catching sun rays on the beach but in my heart, I always desired to go on a mission trip. Applying to go to Nicaragua was a leap of faith and seemed unlikely to ever happen due to my empty wallet, but when you trust in God, he always provides.

Take Flights Trust Him 

I stepped on the plane with an open heart, my spiritual eyes and ears didn’t want to miss anything, for yes, I tried to do God’s work, but I was also seeking answers too. From the moment, we took off from the airport the Lord was working through us. A woman blessed the team with 200 dollars towards our mission right on the plane, and that was just the beginning of our 10-day journey.

The truth is on the level of faith I am still technically a “baby Christian” after talking and getting to know my teammates, there was a realization that all of us are in different seasons, it didn’t matter if some recite scripture, have strong faith or had great spiritual talents. All that mattered was that we were joining for a cause larger than ourselves. 21 complete strangers became a family very quickly we ate together, slept together, laughed and even on those difficult days on the mission field we cried together.

The Light In Managua 

Now when I say difficult days I mean the struggle was real.  Although a lot of our ministering was fun and games, the need of the people and children of Nicaragua was very in your face. Each village with homes literally falling apart at the walls and broken families. Food, clothing, and love were scarce. Kids grow up so fast in these communities because they don’t have a choice to go to school or to play with an iPhone instead they must learn how to survive not only in the world but also in hardships of their own homes.

“I will make you as a light to the nations so that my salvation may reach to the ends of earth”-Isaiah 49:6

To refer to scripture that is exactly what our team did in Managua. God had handpicked all of us individually to bring smiles and show his love to every village. I think one the hardest things for myself was saying goodbye to the children after playing with them for a whole day. People committed to following Christ and those who didn’t witnessed how he brings those from all walks of life together to do great things.

IMG_0031 (1)

Just Keep Walking…

The trip overall, for lack of better words was magical. Friends always say that after a mission trip you will never be the same. I am proof that is true. Throughout my journey in Nicaragua, I was baptized in the Holy Spirit, received the spoken word, had encounters that will stay with me forever and came back home more grateful for what I have. Although I went seeking answers to what my purpose is I now realize that God doesn’t want to reveal his whole plan for your life. He wants you to want to trust that he has you in his hands and to grow closer to him. As the days pass being back here in the U.S, this is something I am trying to remind myself to keep on seeking and to be ready for where he will use me next. 

Thank you for your prayers and financial support.


Crys xo;

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