Mission Possible

Why Travel?

For many of my fellow wanderers, their response would be, who doesn’t enjoy exploring new destinations? The travel bug latched its fangs into my soul early on thanks to my Dad. He was obsessed with aviation, spending hours building model airplanes & studied hard to obtain a private pilot license. Probably the coolest memories are the ones joining him on short trips soaring through clouds. I grew up to be weirdly comfortable with air travel; there is nothing more relaxing than a good take off while listening to a Billy Joel single (Our family loves Billy).


Mimosas To Missions

My first out of the country experience was a family trip to Ecuador & Italy to visit relatives, like an electric shock the curiosity to learn about other cultures had unleashed. In college, during spring breaks & summer vacations, I was able to explore Mexico, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Barbados, St. Martin, St. Thomas, St.Kitts & Greece. For sure the motivation behind a getaway was purely selfish, my intentions were to sip strawberry garnished mimosa’s on white sand beaches and maybe learn the surface educational stuff as a “tourist.” Now with a few stamps in my passport, I’d like my affair with jet-setting to be a little deeper than just escaping the mundane.    


Answering The Call 

One day at church they showed a presentation highlighting missionaries from around the world. As photos of people helping other scrolled passed, a sensation built up in my chest before the end I was overwhelmed with emotion and crying without reason. My reaction came as an unexplainable feeling, I still don’t know what it means or how it came to be, but it was a spark of assurance that possibly, my existence may be for a purpose. With a flick of a pen and an intention to learn how to trust in God’s will, I handed in an application (fingers crossed too of course) to be part of a missions trip. Well, I am on my way! Thanks to the Assembly of God Church of Port Jervis giving me the opportunity to feed the poor and minister to children in Nicaragua. Having not a penny to my name and other obstacles a small part of me did not think this time would come. I guess that proves there’s a plan in the works (silly rabbit). There still is uncertainty on exactly what the future holds but with my suitcase packed I am prepared to follow God’s call to all corners of the earth.

Crys xo;

If you would like to contribute a donation, please click the links below!  Our team will leave July 2nd and return July 12th. Although I will be limited to internet access for the duration of my stay, I will come back with content documenting our journey.

Any amount is greatly appreciated, if now is not the time for you to donate, please spread the love & positive vibes ❤ 

Sponsor Me: GoCrysNicaraqua

Sponsor The Team: AG Church Port Jervis





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