Packing Perfect

Either packing for a local weekend trip or a tour around the world anyone can become a master of packing “light.” Acquiring this skill doesn’t happen overnight. I have taken dozens of trips dragging overstuffed luggage with things (mainly shoes) that were barely touched.  Checking in a heavier bag is costly. If weight is over the amount of air-line requirements, your wallet will be much lighter in the result. Wouldn’t you want to spend that extra cash on a tour, or a night out on the town? Of course, you would. Changing the “I NEED THIS” mentality is the first step. Let’s be honest is it necessary to bring the hair straightener, blow dryer, and curling iron? I’m sure you already know the answer is, no.  Keeping in mind some guidelines before trying to fit an entire house through baggage claim could help.

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Where Are You Headed?

Weather conditions can make or break a trip especially if not properly prepared. Research the seasons and general climate of a destination. This will help you bring anything that might come in handy in case of sudden weather pattern changes during your stay.

Will you need: Your Poncho, waterproof clothing, thermal wear or an extra sweater?

Poolside or Crocodile Dundee?

Okay, there isn’t technically one or other. When it comes to choosing activities such as soaking up the sun along checking out a rainforest most travelers are a blend of the two. Some jet-setters just want to get 100 percent R&R, and there are those who travel looking for thrills. No one is trying to put anyone in a box, setting up intentions for a trip helps choose nay or yay when deciding to pack that extra bikini over hiking boots.


How Long?

The extent of stay does impact a suitcase. Either it is a short trip or long one maximizing space and feeling comfortable in what you packed is important.

Your Wardrobe!

Once destination, endeavors, and duration are established the fun part of styling your suitcase can begin! How you fold each garment is useful, rolling tops rather than folding flat allows room for other items. Capsule clothing referencing color pallets gives you more outfits with less fabric to carry around. Bring a few accessories such as statement necklaces or for men, watches. Don’t be afraid of repeating outfits. You are on vacation it’s okay to use the same maxi dress or polo shirt twice. Shoes, as mentioned before depending on excursions chosen, one pair sneakers, dress shoe, and sandals are enough!


Personal Products

We all depend on our toiletries to help us look good. When it comes to liquid items or heavy creams buying travel sized can be the better option. Smaller bottles are much lighter than bulk-sized, they also can be tossed once finished making, even more room in your bag for souviners.

Good To Go!

Travel packing includes trial and error. Guidelines such as these are meant to make life a little easier. Any way to help save money and personal experience is a win. Now with this knowledge you can one day, dare it to be said, be a carry-on only traveler!

Hey, dreamers can dream, right?


Was this helpful? I’d love to hear from you! 

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