I’ve Been Framed

No, I have not been blamed for any crime. The only thing I am guilty of is eating too much chocolate while dieting but hey, life is short. I’ve been framed in the spiritual sense and so are you! Ever have one of those days or weeks that almost everything that could go wrong does. That guy never called back, you didn’t get the job you applied for, and for some reason all your close friends are unavailable. We all experience this, maybe even going through it this moment but there is a bright side. All those negatives are positives in disguise.

The Frame

The purpose of a frame as in the one that holds a picture of your cat, dog, iguana (whichever) acts as protection from damage. When life seems to be hitting a wall it’s hard not to get frustrated but think of it as crap bumping off the frame that surrounds you. A panic attack was estimated every time something I had planned blew up in my face. The truth is it doesn’t have to be that dramatic, I am starting to see the frame and learning to accept its force field.

 Look Back Once Move Forward Ten

Even though they say looking back is taboo sometimes you must, to better understand what God is doing to protect your life for the greater. There had been many nights not only crying but also screaming at God because things weren’t going the way I wanted (or so I thought I wanted). When I think about the end of 2016 it could be the script for a great lifetime movie. Girl is in a dead-end relationship; her apartment floods then gets invested with roaches resulting in burning everything she owns. Girl quits her office job (that she hated anyway) and decides to move back to her hometown with a retirement population of 200 people. By that description, my year looked bleak, didn’t it? Now 2017 I am coming to accept that nothing is in my control because the frame that God put around me is going to help me reach my potential. I’d be lying to you if I said that it was all instantly better because it wasn’t. In the words of the great Missy Elliot flip it and reverse it. Now I look at my once unfortunate events as blessings. The fact that my relationship at the time wasn’t working gave us both a chance to now find out who we are as individuals with no hard feelings. Although I miss my little Brooklyn apartment it wasn’t the place I needed to be anymore and quitting a job that I wasn’t passionate about gave me the opportunity to find something that lights my soul on fire.

The  Force is with you

Instead of pulling my hair to figure out life, I’ve been literally throwing my hands in the air and verbally confirming “Thy will be done”. Knowing that I don’t have to be on top of my destiny is a relief. Of course, working hard is obvious along with the urge to “take the wheel” again when pieces aren’t falling into place fast enough. I have to keep in mind a new year is a fresh start to be grateful for the things that I do have and to just trust in God. 

Crys xo

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  1. Yes! When we say we trust HIM, we have to actually trust HIM. He doesn’t move to the beat of our drum. And I truly believe He is looking to give us what is for us, and our highest and best. Otherwise…in trusting HIM, we also trust that not everything we think we need, want, or desire will fall out of the sky. It may be that NOT being granted this or that is for our highest good. We have to be careful what we ask for, and what we have the audacity to expect. Maybe…just maybe…we have Enough already!!!

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