Love Thy Lippy


Madre Knows Best 

Usually, the mental check- list before going out the door goes as follows; Keys, Wallet, cellphone. In my house, we add Lipstick to that list and make sure to not forget it! No matter if we are just going on a trip to the grocery store or Netflix n Chillin’ mom modeled the importance of taking care of oneself and having pride in doing so. Sass paired with a showstopper smile, my mother is the type of person that literally lights up the room especially when she rocks a red lip. Growing up it wasn’t hard for my sister and myself to pick up a natural love for rouge too. 

Color Is Our Friend, Not Our Foe

Playful pinks, browns, and purple the evolution of color has become so much more adventurous since I was a teenager. My basic training was your typical smacker’s’ cotton candy lip gloss.  Today on beauty counters I see every color under the sun in gloss, matte, velvet, tints you name it! Like a mood ring what you wear on your lips sets a vibe. Not every pigment is meant for certain skin tones but that doesn’t mean to fear trying things that would seem out of the make-up box! I have spent many lunch breaks standing in Sephora using my arm as a color swatch. Go ahead and play until you figure out what looks best and don’t be ashamed to ask for help, usually the counter girls are helpful and if you’re lucky will steer you in the right direction.

Price For Pigment

Buying a new color is an adrenaline rush paired with holding my breath as I swipe my debit card. The biggest disappointment of all is finally purchasing a brand that had great reviews but falls short when it’s show time. There are some higher end brands I do live by; I did realize though paying the big bucks doesn’t always mean a guarantee on that long wear everlasting kissable lip wear. Since the demand of matte finishes and color quality has improved, it’s very likely you can find what you are looking for at the corner Rite Aid.

Below are some gems from my Lipstick collection to help you grow yours!

** Prices may vary depending on retailers** 





Top to Bottom
Mac-Sunny Seoul $17 (Pearl Finish)
Wet n’Wild-Rose Bud $.1.89 (Matte)
NYX-Tea Rose $7.20 (Matte)
Stila-Patina $24.00 (Liquid Matte)
Nars-Schiap $28.00 (Matte)
Kat Von D-Backstage Bambi $20.00 (Liquid Matte)


Nudes & Brown


Top to Bottom
Colour Pop-Time Square $6.00 (Liquid Matte)
Pacifica-Sweet One $10.00 (Matte)
Wet N’ Wild-Mocha $1.89 (Matte)
Colour Pop-Embellish $6.00 (Liquid Matte)






Top to Bottom
Styli-style -Hit the Bricks $6.49 (Creamy)
Smash Box-Be Legendary $21.00 (Matte)
Stila-Beso $21.00 (Liquid Matte)





Top to Bottom 
Sephora-Deep Plum $16.00 (Luster Matte)
Mac-Rebel $17.00 (Satin)
Colour Pop- Are & Be $6.00 (Liquid Matte)
Hikari- Merlot $5.00 (Gloss)





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