Simple Style With Personality


“Style is a way to say who are without having to speak.”

-Rachel Zoe

Self-expression comes in many forms. As a creative being outlets such as writing, art, and music are different types of release but my favorite above all is getting dressed for the day.

Clothes aren’t meant to be passive. What you choose to wear and how it is worn effects how you feel. Your favorite fitted blazer empowers you to rock the interview, or a simple White-T is an armor that helps you slay the day.

From Avril to an Audrey 

When thinking of my teenage years dressing up was exactly that, a whirlwind throwing on what felt right even though it didn’t make sense to most. A style wild card. One day I would be dressed as an angsty skater girl ( who did not skateboard) and the next be dressed in a sparkly top with heels.

Although my “adult” wardrobe has evolved to be minimalistic, I make sure to incorporate a pop of personality to every outfit with accessories and makeup. When deciding on my closet transformation I asked myself some serious questions:

Who are my style icons?  

Audrey Hepburn made #allblackeverything a statement, Kim Kardashian is a combination of sexy and subtle and Rachel Zoe feeds my inner flower child.

How do I want to feel in my clothes? 

Classy, chic, comfortable, strong, sexy, confident, and on Fleek!

How can I make getting dressed a no brainer? 

This one took some getting used to. Usually, shopping was based on impulse, my closet once a crazed rainbow of items defined having way too many clothes with nothing to wear. Keeping in mind new guidelines “less is more” I did some research. I found a color palette that I thought easy to work with based on my everyday needs between work and play. It Consists of black, gray, white, and neutrals, along with narrowing down my tops and bottoms to 2 or 3 for each. Getting ready in a pinch are so much faster!

Here are some links from style blogs I found helpful!

How much do I actually want to pay?

Friends always ask me where do my clothes come from and how I manage to dress for every occasion. If you want to know the honest truth, most of my threads are bought from forever21, Tj Maxx, or H&M. Shocker, I know but they really do make similar stuff as name brands at a much better price for my wallet.

Compare for yourself!

00196335-06     images.jpeg

Forever 21 $10.90                Naked Wardrobe $ 34.00

unknown-1 Unknown.jpeg

 H&M $19.99                       American Apparel $78.00

**Yes, quality does vary from brand to brand. In my experience as long as care labels are read a garment can last a very long time regardless of the name tag.**

Have any style tips? Leave us a comment!

Crys xo;





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