Cult Films & Panties

Heath Ledger & Panties…not what you’re thinking!

 So I sat down for a girl’s night with my mom and sister. A little Netflix and chill action at night. The popcorn was popping the wine was flowing & Heath Ledger was on the screen. What else makes for a better night? We decided on the movie “10 Things I Hate About You.”




(I didn’t hate this movie btw!)

Recently my sister has been introducing me to “cult” movies, this being one of them I wasn’t really sure what to expect. Sometimes I can’t get myself just to LOVE the freaking strange shit that happens in these movies. Like have ya’ll seen “The Heathers”? HOLY SHIT talk about bizarre. But yet a fan favorite, to each their own – no judgment!

Anyway, in “10 Things I Hate About You” there was a scene when Joseph Gordon-Levitt (so adorable) & his love interest, played by Arisa Oleynik are rummaging through her big sister’s panty drawer to find out her secrets. Well, she picks out a pair of black panties. With  panty in hand, she says, “She wants to have sex someday.”


 Is that the true meaning behind black panties? So, it got me to thinking, what do the other panty colors mean if black means you want to have sex? Honestly, black seems sort of morbid to me, perhaps a happy red, or even a sunny yellow when you decide to shake down to your skivvies.

With that thought, it got me to researching on if different colored panties mean anything. To my surprise, there is A TON of articles written about the color of your panties!

 What Does Your Panty Color Mean?!


Courtesy of


Purple: Soft, Romantic, interested in long-term relationships

Blue: Honesty, integrity, honor. Known for providing peace and healing

Green: Growth, Peace & Prosperity, & emotional. Tip! Good on a first date because it’s a relaxing color!

Yellow: Shows Freshness, joy, intellectual. Tip! Stay away from dingy yellow. Apparently, it can represent decay and illness

Red: Passion, courage, lust and excitement. Tip! Keep these on you are down for a quick fling!

Black: Positive or negative. Might show aggression, but shows seductiveness and power

So, there you have it. As I sit here writing this in my blue (honest colored panties) you have some thought to put in the next time you are dropping your skirt, or browsing at Victoria Secret. Keep in mind what colors you are wearing.  Oh, and don’t forget to tell friends, well because no one wants to show up in the wrong color!

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A Few Panty Articles I read and gathered my info from!
Featured image courtesy of


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