Health Benefits of Sole’ (SO-LAY!)


Health Benefits of Drinking Salt Water

I like salt on my Margaritas; I like salt on my French fries and my eggs. But when I heard that people were drinking salt water to receive it’s “health benefits” I wasn’t exactly on board with the hot new trend. I had this picture in my head of someone mixing white table salt with cold water and guzzling it down. It sounded like a bad sorority hazing situation, not exactly something I was about to try unless it was paired with some Don Julio and a lime wedge, ya feel me?

So, what exactly is this salt water I keep hearing about? Well, friends, it’s Pink Himalayan Sea Salt.

 The first time I was introduced to Pink Himalayan Sea Salt was by my girlfriend, Allison. I was at her house one day while she was making dinner and I saw her grinding up these pink looking rock crystal, things. So I asked her, “what is that?” She, of course, said, “I heard it’s good for you, but I just figured its regular salt.” We both shrugged our shoulders, and that was the end of it.

 I had never thought twice about this mystery pink salt. I just thought it was going to be some hot health trend that would blow over. Until my sister started buying it in large rock form, putting it in water and drinking SALT WATER!!! She said it was called Sole’ (SO-LAY).  She had me interested, since she’s my big sister and I usually do what she does, and that’s where I started researching it.

 I have always been a bit of a health nut and believe in working out, eating whole foods,  and eliminating processed foods. But I am generally a skeptic when the health trends tell me that coconut oil and apple cider vinegar can fix everything from a broken nail to acid reflux. So it took me some experimenting with it before I was sold on what it does for our bodies.

As strange as it sounds the health benefits are great. It is a natural unrefined salt, not like white table salt that we were always told to limit in our diets. Himalayan Pink Sea Salt is loaded with 84 minerals that help the body work properly. You can even bathe in it. It helps to detox the body and balance your PH. You can find it at most grocery stores, health food stores or even online to try for yourself.

 Down below is how to make the salt water drink Sole’ I call Mermaid Water. But, hold the tequila my friends, this stuff works wonders on its own.

How to Make Mermaid Water

  • Take your pink salt rock and dissolve overnight in a plastic pitcher or large plastic water bottle (metal causes oxidation)
  • Add 1 tablespoon to your filtered water
  • Add some lemon or lime for extra flavorimg_1048

 Try out the mermaid water and let us know  if you see the benefits or is this just another hot health trend?

Your Friends,

Tiffany & Crystal



*It’s all about balance and seeing what works best for your body. Himalayan Pink Sea Salt is still under a lot of scientific studies so do your research and find what works best for you & your health.

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