Into The Woods


If a tree falls in the middle of the woods, does it have a sound?

That’s exactly how I felt during our intended one hour hike that extended to four hours! A day like any other my mom, sister and I decided to Carpe Diem the warm November weather and went for a relaxing hike at PEEC national park. I never considered myself an outdoors person. You can catch me at the beach soaking up sun every day in the summer but taking to the woods is a new hobby.

Easy come, Easy go

The start of our adventure we chose an intermediate trail, mostly every other tree is marked for reference. There is something about the woods in-between stages that I never really noticed before. Being it is fall (closer to winter) all the leaves have fallen off the trees. Most animals are finishing up their food storage and getting ready for winter. The eerie sound of tall trees swaying made me feel like I was the last person on earth.

Encouraged by the markers, we continued onto the path over time trail markers became more distant, and soon realized that we stumbled onto a more challenging trail. Long story short we were lost. The sun had begun to set, of course, our snazzy iPhones were dying. My sister quickly texted a friend in case we became a coyote’s dinner. At that moment I reached my phone and froze. There was no one I could think of for me to call (except the police of course).

Who would be the person I text when I’m in trouble?


Cha-Cha Changes

Change isn’t something that scares me, but losing comfort is. Just as seasons transition in nature our human lives go through “seasons” themselves. I am excellent at portraying an independent woman, but if I am honest with myself, most of my life has been the fluffy pillow trail. Yes, I can say I have done things on my own, but usually, at times I found myself lost there was always a friend nearby or a family member to navigate me to a clearing. The sound of text notifications has silenced along with my dwindled social circle. The season of a New York brunch queen has passed, and the transition is in progress.

I can confidently say that finally, I feel ready to take the wheel and navigate myself.

I realize that yes, it’s amazing to have friends and loves in your life but at the end of the day who wants to be the damsel in distress? Not this chica! Life isn’t easy all the time and relying on others always to worry about our needs or guiding us in the right direction doesn’t teach us how to stand up on our own. I don’t know about you but the idea of being my hero when times get tough is empowering.


Heroin In Training

I tied up my nikes and pulled up my big girl pants determined; we made it to the parking lot safe with daylight to spare. A sense of pride filled me to my toes, and it was my little win.I don’t have to worry about someone saving me or catching me when I fall. I got myself.Not just today but whatever comes my way remembering I do have the power to throw on my cape is all I need.

How do you handle the seasons of life?

Share with us your story we’d love to hear!

Crys xo;





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