Things I’m Loving Lately; xo

If you have ever seen the movie Runaway Bride there is a scene where our beloved Julia Roberts character sits at her kitchen table with a variety of cooked eggs in front of her. Over easy, poached and scrambled, she was soul searching. In the past, she ordered her eggs the same as her partners, it came to a point she didn’t even know herself how she preferred them prepared.

Inspired by the movie, I decided to start learning about myself and find the things that I love not just how like my eggs (sunny side up with toast) but all things that add to my happiness.

Starting Skin Seep

Philosophy Lemon Custard Shampoo/Body Wash

Although I love a good sweat that leaves me smelling like the gym; I also enjoy smelling heavenly, and that is just what the body wash is. A mix of citrus to help wake up, paired with vanilla accents that make me feel good enough to eat.


Philosophy Lemon Custard Shampoo Shower Gel and Bubble Bath, 16 Oz.

Equate Body Oil Gel

With winter around the corner, skin tends to be dryer. Cocoa butter was my go to until I came across the holy grail of cocoa butter body oil! The oil is light and doesn’t leave you feeling slick. It can be used either summer or winter which is a double whammy. Your skin will thank you!

You can splurge on the name brand Vaseline cocoa oil picked at $6.29 since I am always keeping my eye out for a deal the Walmart brand is just as good and half the price at $2.96.


Equate 68 Fl oz. Body Oil Gel

Elizavecca (Say that five times fast) Milky Piggy Face Mask

A coworker recommended me this mask. Whiteheads have been an arch nemesis even into my adulthood and no matter what I do they always returned with a fury. In past year activated charcoal has become a household item and I have to say I am in LOVE! Not only is this mask packed with charcoal, once applied bubbles on your face help lift the dirt out of pores leaving you feeling refreshed.


Elizavecca Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask

Korres Anit-Wrinkle and Hydrating Facial Cream

Moisturizing My face was always the last thing on my mind when it came to applying any type of oil or lotion on my skin it would break out. My sister lectured me on the importance of hydrating my face.As much as I don’t like to admit it I am getting older (sigh). Korres facial creams have become part of my daily routine. The brand from Greece has a full line of products that are scented with love.


KORRES Greek Yoghurt Advanced Nourishing Sleeping Facial, 1.35 fl. oz.

Jose Maran Argan Infinity Lip and Cheek Creamy Oil

When On the go achieving the perfect pout can be time-consuming. With the infinity lip and cheek stain, you don’t just get a lip tint save time and use as a subtle cheek stain to give you that dewy I just woke up like this look.


Josie Maran Argan Infinity Cream Intensive Creamy Oil 

Tunes for Tuning it Out

Oceans By. Hill Song United

Holy Spirit By.Francesca Battistelli

Crash Into Me By. Dave Matthews


Just Who Will You Be? By. Maria Shiver

Mastery By. George Leonard


What are some things that you are loving lately? Whether it’d be makeup, lotions,

face creams, music ANYTHING! We want to know!


Thanks for stopping by ; xo





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