Tater Tots, Cookies & Good Company

No More Excuses

After years saying no to outings and neglecting friendships because of the distance on a map, it’s time to start nurturing the relationships that withheld the test of time.  Some friendships leave marks on our heart while others are just passing through on their journey, leaving us with little bits of memories, and experiences you can hold dear to your heart.

Life, love, careers and adventures cause friends to live in different places and flow through various paths of life. Yes, friendships do take an effort to stay connected and remain in contact, but they are worth having and are sitting there, waiting to be nurtured. You know you’ve found people who are going to be in your life forever when you can pick up right where you left off. The ones that are doing more than just passing through. They want to be part of your journey and will buckle up for the long road ahead.

Friends to Fight For  

The gift I have been given recently is to rebuild and continue to grow relationships with these incredible human beings. You know you are blessed with them when you immediately open every conversation with a belly laugh or memory that stayed with you even after years or months of not being present in daily life.

If you haven’t been surrounding yourself lately with quality people who lift you up in life, then you need to find some new friends. Surround yourself with individuals who listen to your hopes, your hard times and add value to your life. I once heard that you would be most like the five people you surround yourself with, so make sure you are selective with who you let in. Find individuals who inspire you, encourage you and bring out the highest hopes for success, love, and happiness.

Will Walk for Cookies

Recently I’ve been finding myself in good company with some good friends. We laugh until it hurts, dance til’ the sun comes up, eat cookies until we are sick (will walk 60 blocks for cookies!) drink wine like it’s water and eat the best tater tots EVER! We all have life advice and stories to share from the lives we live separately. We have all suffered loss, been blessed with opportunities, had the worst days of our lives and made it through them knowing there were better days ahead.

While taking the time to visit with my girlfriends we of course had to eat! Eating is an experience in itself! If you can put down a whole pizza pie, a bag of pirate booties, and a pack of Oreo’s you ARE a friend of mine!  Check out where we went in New York City, you won’t want to miss these hot spots next time you travel into the Big Apple. 

What are some of your favorite spots in New York? Where do you and your friends hangout?

Levain Bakery in NYC – Double Chocolate Chip – Fresh out of the oven!
Jimmy’s Dinner in Brooklyn, NY! Homemade Tater Tots – you will die, go to heaven and come back for more of these!!!


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