Pumpkin Picking and Ninjas

When Living in Zombie Land, Family is Survival

Since my home is a modern day zombie apocalypse, I find myself befriending local cats and watching leaves fall from the trees to pass the time.The amount of 20 somethings  is far and few between. Although I enjoy the company and sass from my seventy-year-old girlfriends in my watercolor class, there is a need to be around people who know what a hashtag is along with still finding their way in life. With that being said, I decided to reach out to my cousins who are also 20 somethings.

 It had been around ten years since we have seen anyone in our extended family. So much time has passed. Each of us dealing with growing pains through college, boyfriends, girlfriends, and the unknown.

 How did we allow the UNKNOWN to happen!?

 Engraved on our hearts the importance of keeping the family together is a priority. Memories of a full house at the dinner table were the norm. Our cousins aren’t just relative’s they were our fighting off ninja partners and making home horror films (starring us of course)!

 How did we just stop being the dynamic team we once were?

 Making Moves and Eating Doughnuts

Determined to reconnect the first move had to be made. A group text was sent along with a destination to meet at Demarest Farms. Since it’s October pumpkin picking seemed appropriate and good clean fun for cousin bonding.  We didn’t know what to expect, but the result was a blessing in disguise.

 It was just like nothing changed. Of course, we all look older, but the love is still as real as it was back in the glory days of barbies. Laughs over apple cider doughnuts and pumpkins picked the day was a success.

 Imagine if the chance wasn’t taken to meet up?

 Family Over Everything!

With age, the realization that no matter what happens DNA is still DNA. The family is where love blossoms. Understanding that each family is different and goes through some drama the lesson that I have learned is that forgiveness does come with time, but  it’s up to you to make sure the time arrives. If you don’t then so much more is lost. Days filled with text updates and snaps of what we are up to are priceless. Now with renewed memories, there is a new excitement to continue growing older and fighting off the ninjas of adulthood.



If you are looking for family fun check out Demarest Farms!  http://demarestfarms.com









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