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Not Your Typical Glass Act

Small towns are full of finding old secrets and hidden treasures. You truly never know what you might stumble upon when you are in search of a something fun to do. Fun for me goes deeper than the Margarita Monday’s and wine socials (don’t get me wrong, I would never pass up a glass of red wine – ever) but, walking around art galleries in our small town and heading to museums allows us to get lost in a time that no longer exists. It is truly an awakening experience being surrounded by people who pursued their ambitions and shared it with the world. 

Through our latest urge to satisfy that history bug, we came to a nearby town 90 minutes from NYC. In Port Jervis New York, Gillinder Glass Company has been working for the last 155 years to produce the highest quality of glass products. They are used all around the world and we were totally shocked after seeing how the magic happens here!


 Surrounded by large furnaces and blaring heat. Men were all gathered near their workstations to perfect the beauty of glass blowing. Yeah, it’s way more than just heating up grains of sand and waiting for it to cool down. This is not your typical idea of what glass is or how you know it. It’s science; it’s an art and a great skill to produce such intricate details on every single item that leaves the facility.  


 As we walked through the gift shop, it was hard not to be amazed of the glass blown artwork that was made from artists all over the country. Art is a universal language that speaks to every eccentric, classical and eclectic mind alike. From something so simple, like a grain of sand comes the most beautifully manipulated pieces of artwork, formed into shapes, sizes, and colors. A tour of Gillinder Glass Company takes you through a generational vision and is something you must experience if you are ever in New York.

 What a perfect escape that allows you to take a step back to see where history started. You are surrounded by their work whether you realize it or not. Tucked away in this tiny town you recognize the importance of those who had a dream to leave their mark.      


Airport Light Covers


  • They provide over ½ of the airports in the United States with lighting protection caps
  • A team of 4 men creates each glass cap to protect the runway lights
  • Every single item produced is inspected and held to the highest Gillinder Standards
  • Provides custom molds and designs that use throughout the United States and China

 What did we do?

–   Went on a guided tour of the history and background of Gillinder  Glass Company

–   Went behind the scenes of glass production

–    Browsed the gift shop

–    Snapped awesome pictures and had a seriously cool experience

You don’t have to travel far to find something new. You never know what’s hidden in your hometown. Support local treasures and learn how they go beyond your backyard.


Explore New York State, Gillinder Glass is waiting for you!







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