The Art of Letting Go

“A goodbye is just an introduction to ourselves.” – Vienna Pharaon

There are times in life when we have to say goodbye to people we love. After years of growing in a relationship, it seems impossible to let go of a person who had so much significance in your life. Letting go allows you to find out who you truly are. Saying goodbye is hard, but remaining present in a relationship that is no longer making you grow or fulfilling a purpose in your life can cause even more pain. If you aren’t honest with yourself, you could end up getting lost and miss out on the things you want out of your life.

People are meant to come into our lives for a reason, and some are only passing by and stay for a short time. We love them and remember them for what they gave us, but most of all we learn to let it go and move on. I still feel that I’m slowly finding out who I’m going to be and what kind of significance I will have in the world. But, I am ready to leave my mark. No one is going to replace those relationships except for the relationship you learn to build with yourself.

 Have you had relationships with friends or  a significant other that you had to walk away from? What did you find out about yourself when you did?

Quote Courtesy of @mindfulmft Vienna Pharaon Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in NYC

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