Safe Havens

With changes such as moving, new roommates, or starting school wanting just to hop on the next plane seems reasonable rather than dealing. I have learned that finding places to recharge locally have become a ritual wherever I end up.  It’s easy just to stay in bed and not leave your “comfortable environment.” I find this true especially when I am working on projects at home, doing everything other than my work.It’s totally okay to binge watch Gilmore Girld with the curtains pulled but eventually a little fresh air does the body good.

When I used to live in New York, I would travel to Grand Central just to sit on the floor and study for college. Most would say Grand Central is a strange place to relax but the sound of people surrounding me along with the grandness of the building brought me peace. 

Changing your environment can better help the process to sort things out mentally or allow you that time to take a breather. In search of a haven my sister and I stumbled upon The Emerson House in Milford Pennsylvania.

PB Blondie & Coconut Macaroon

With the aroma of coconut macarons and almond croissants, it has become our go-to spot.  You can cozy up in a nook or sink into big leather couches near a fireplace. My favorite thing to do is people watch (don’t judge me),  it’s nice to take my eyes from the computer to see humans stopping in for a quick coffee or simply enjoying lunch with friends. Passive encounters remind me that I am not alone in the world of putting big kid pants on and ceasing the day the best way possible. 

While going through changes where do you go to find peace?  

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