Sisters on a train

When starting a clean slate, we tend to only look forward. However, our paths have brought us back home to North East Pennsylvania. Now we get to relive the past and find the missing peaces we’ve overlooked.

Sometimes, getting lost helps you find your way.

While driving down, mountainside roads towards the valleys of Pennsylvania lies a town frozen in time. Jim Thorpe was initially named by the Lenni Lenape American Indians.  Eventually, renamed after the great Olympic athlete Jim Thorpe. Walk with history on the cobblestone streets as you explore the town. It is easy to wander in and out of the charming Victorian shops filled with handcrafted jewelry, local food, and crafts. You can take a horse-drawn carriage through town or jump on the train overlooking the Lehigh River and historic scenery.


img_6909           img_5257

What to do:

Enjoy street food — try the empanadas! 

Eat locally made beef jerk from House of Jerky 

Ride the train $18 per person

 Visit Jim Thorpe Pennsylvania:


img_5283             img_5268

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