Luna Parc House of Wonder

Don’t ever let someone tell you to that dreams are something you have to grow out of. Tucked away behind rolling farmland and crossing cows, Luna Parc awaits to entice your inner child. In the gardens of Luna Parc, you find the imagination of Ricky Boscarino come to life. Walk through the sculpture gardens, and explore the house where vision and pure imagination come alive. Keep your eyes open for hidden artwork with every step. Nothing is what it seems to be here.  Every room is different and has its story to tell. Every detail is right where it needs to be. From the corked wine walls, bottle capped doorways and teacups built into the walls Luna Parc is an experience that needs to be shared.

Instead of us telling you, we want to show you…





Above was a taste of our adventure make sure to check out Luna Parc and see the magic for yourself!

Make sure to visit our Instagrams for more pictures!

Know any secret spots? Share with us, we would love to see!





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